You don’t have to be queer to dig gay novelty records

by Malcolm Tent When is it OK to describe music as “totally gay”? When you’re describing the wild and weird sub-sub genre of gay novelty records from the 1960’s. I

Shirt of Today

OUTSIDER TALKS to Brian Labuda about his (very punk rock) blog. Interview by Holly Berchielli   Most of us punk rock kids have a ton of old band shirts in

Tour Journal with John DeBonis of First Blood

Apr 10: left Albany, NY at 7 am for JFK. Got big American lunch at Champs in BK. Plane took off at 3:30. Some lady tried to snipe my window seat.

Twitching Tongues

by John Vista Tell us about the most current release that’s about to come out, “In Love There Is No Law”. Where was this album recorded, how long was the

Perfect People ‘Both Demos’

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Review by Holly Berchielli  My pal Chris, over at InEffect Hardcore, sent me this tape. He thought I would like it. He was correct. In a time where a lot

Tiger Piss ‘Alcoholiday’

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Review by Xander Folsom  “One thing I can’t fucking stand is warm beer, makes me fucking puke!” So said Frank Booth and I know Tiger Piss agree. So if they’re

Nick Lee of Moon Tooth

Interview by John Bryan Moon Tooth is a high-intensity rock band founded by Nick Lee (Guitars, Vocals) and Ray Marte (Drums) featuring Vincent Romanelli (Bass) and John Carbone (Vocals). With