Review by Xander Folsom 

“One thing I can’t fucking stand is warm beer, makes me fucking puke!” So said Frank Booth and I know Tiger Piss agree. So if they’re coming, the beers better be cold and the whiskey better be flowing. “Alcoholiday” is 100 proof, good old gas guzzling punk rock and roll.

Lara Hope’s voice can be languid or rambunctious depending on how many shots she’s taken. She weaves a tale of twisted nights in dark, hazy bars and brothels; getting wasted and naked with all your pals; taking just a bit too much of this or that and barely surviving the darkness. You know, your basic Stay-cation.

Rocking through the punkabilly title track and gypsy-rock “Better of than Yesterday”, the trio of Hope on bass, Danny Asis shredding, and Rev Kev on drums keep their brick wall of sound tightly mortared. Yet they flip the script on “El Bordello de Europa” with some mystical Latin flavor and the three loosen up with a swinging “Wash it Away”. Any way you take it, this E.P. is a burning cocktail of punk and party.