Review by Holly Berchielli 

My pal Chris, over at InEffect Hardcore, sent me this tape. He thought I would like it. He was correct. In a time where a lot of bands are bringing back a more “old school” sound, Perfect People have put together twelve songs that are as “roots” as you can get. Only one of these songs clocks in over three minutes long. The recording is all low end. The lyrics are serious and blunt and just tell you how life is. I could liken them to other bands of years gone past, but there’s no point. All you have to know is, if you like hardcore music the way it started out and can appreciate it being a little more scuffed up after all these years, then you’ll like this band. The songs are available on the band’s bandcamp page You can get a download and put it on your ipod, but if you want the real experience (and I hope you do) you’ll buy the cassette tape, which also comes with a handwritten lyric sheet and photocopied paper cover. This kind of effort is going the way of in-print fanzines. Enjoy them while they’re still around.