Review by Xander Folsom

Let the revenge decapitations begin! Lady Daze are here to slowly rip you limb from sleazy limb with their sludgy, raunchy, estrogen-fueled brand of metal. Grindhouse fans, eat your heart out! No really, eat it! This foursome buzzes, burns and churns their way through this fresh 2 track EP.

‘I Bleed, You Bleed’ creates just that effect of being slowly drained of life while paralyzed and strangely euphoric. ‘Stones’ rolls out like a psych-rock anthem, drenched with hash oil and aflame. Fuzzed out guitars and ethereal screams adequately support Lady Flo’s various vocal varieties and with a lyric like “Fuck your fucking face!” one really can’t go wrong.

After “pulling out” the disc of its appropriately pink sheath (complete with authentic lipstick marks) and playing it a few times, it is clear that Lady Daze are on a mission to castrate any remaining flaccid notions that “rocking out with your cock out” is still a safe thing to do.