Reviewed by John Moriarty

To say Kyle Trocolla’s music is unique understates the value in his craft. His album The Stranger, released on September 4th, 2015, is a patchwork of influences that would otherwise seem at odds with each other. Imagine is punk rock took country music out on the town for a bender, only to end in a night where both became bed mates and made a baby as a consequence. That kicking and screaming child would best serve as the personification of Trocolla’s sound: a beautiful creation borne from the least likely influences you could imagine.

Kyle’s voice is all soul. His range scales between a sweet cadence and a snarling growl, punctuating the right words with the most visceral of emphasis. His lyrics lace your ears in messages too emblematic of the times we are living in. His songs are sad, vengeful, reminiscing, and poignant, depicting stories of travel, love, loss, despair and hope, rounding out the nine track album with a powerful cover of the timeless Amazing Grace. The Stranger, without question, is worthy of a listen for mostly anyone. Whether your roots are covered in moss or concrete, Kyle will reach a deeply personal part of who you are.

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