Reviewed by Holly Berchielli and Joe Gagliardi III

Dead Empires did something very sly. This seriously dynamic instrumental metal band found themselves a singer. The vocals thats now wind through their songs feel fully authentic to their sound as a band. It’s really quite a feat to make such a big leap and yet remain instantly recognizable. 

The formidable Dead Empires have outdone themselves in every aspect with the compositions and the visceral experience of ‘Designed to Disappear’. Heavy, Lush, Aggressive, Dynamic, Beautiful, Chaotic and Transcendent. Their leap from ‘Secret Snakes/Silent Serpent’ to ‘Designed to Disappear’ is just as pronounced and powerful as ‘Kill ‘Em All’ to ‘Ride The Lightning’ was for Metallica. They have grown tremendously as musicians and composers. Be prepared to experience new musical moments of sonic euphoria that will inspire and linger in your mind.