This inaugural show was truly something special and The Punk-cast For Pod People and Outsider Magazine were both really happy to be the hosts. Shot Tower is a house in Walden, NY that has opened it’s doors to live music. They put a lot of work and thought into getting this place ready for it’s first crowd. The sound, lighting and decorations were all put into place just right. The bands loaded in, one by one, friends greeting each other and conversations brewed. It was going to be a good night.

Once the music began it really never stopped. Exit 17 opened the show, bringing their newest member, Mike Dietz on for the second half of the set. Solo acts, Candle Hoax then Speaders followed almost immediately, keeping things exciting.

Roachdale brought hardcore into the building and was followed by Cell 63 who played several new songs, including “Sharks” which includes just a taste of the “Jaws” theme. So good.

After a brief pause to come down from those two bands, BillXNye closed the show with all their badass equipment and science that makes their sets so intense. It was a good time. A really, really good time. And, we will be doing it again soon.