Sassy. Queer. Witch. Virgo. Slut. Mermaid. She is her own fantasies. She is her own fears. A brief transmission from down under with the cyber freak Lexi Laphor. Interview by Anne Hickey

Can you tell us a little background about yourself and how you got into the modeling/adult film industry? I’ve always been a performative person and loved modelling even when I was little. Acting, modelling dancing fashion, i’ve always been very interested in but struggled w the way bodies r policed n censored n the way that bureaucracy n capitalism is the driving force. So for a little I felt like these things were inaccessible but then from that decided 2 get back into it all super DIY!  I started styling myself shooting myself through self timers and selfies and went on to reach out to other collaborators like designers, photographers, make up artists! I then went on to start porn because I loved how empowered I felt being in such creative control behind the camera. Fashion wasn’t enough, I wanted to express & perform more of myself, Porn helped me make money as well as expressing my sexuality a queer femme woman. It was a big fuck you I’ll be my wild loving confronting self, i will make more n more space for myself 2 exist as I wish in cyberspace! Blogging, modelling and porn has helped me so much in terms of connecting 2 other creative queers, femmes and women n has been really important in terms of having an online community I could learn n grow n gain support within.

You have a definite palpable presence in front of the camera, be it still photos or film. Is that something that you had to work on or did you find it came naturally to you? Have you always been so comfortable in your own skin? I started dance when i was 4! So i was always performing n in front of the camera and loving it! There was a stage tho where i didn’t like photo’s, 13-16. It was a super awkward turbulent time being in a body i couldn’t keep up with n didn’t like. But after quitting ballet n leaving all the mainstream normative culture I had grown up in gave me time 2 explore, experiment, rebel n re inhabit my body so that i could come back into industries/art n feel in control n empowered.

What are some of your biggest influences as far as style and fashion are concerned? Ballet n Calisthenics shaped all my style!  (which is a weird post war aussie dance sport- think holographic lycra, think stretch velvet!) I will always love skimpy stretchy crazy over the top hyper femme style bc of my dance background! As for style n sass inspo- Fran from The Nanny, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, Lil Kim n Shania Twain can all b blamed/thanked 4 the freak that I am!!!

Any fun Aussie slang that you’d be willing to share with us? HEAPS. I’m heaps excited. I have heaps 2 do 2day. Sucked in. It’s a playful chill way of saying eat shit or that sucks. Like some1 laughs at someone falling over n hurting them self but then they fall over n hurt them self n u r like SUCKED IN LOL LOL LOL…Also australians abbreviate everything. Everything is as short as possible. I like the word epi’s! Short 4 an episode of tv…

What’s the origin of the name Emerald X File? As a personal fan of the show The X Files, does your name have anything to do with the series? Was that an inspiration for you? Well I have had green hair 4 the past 5 years n i am a witch who loves gemstones hence the name Emerald. And I am a huge X Files fan! So yeah it’s a direct reference! I love sci fi n fantasy, i love magic and the supernatural!

Favorite cities to shoot in/visit? Nola, Arizona, J Tree, LA, SF, NYC, Sydney, Berlin!

Creamy or chunky peanut butter? CHUNKYYYYY will do creamy but y downgrade if u don’t have 2?

On a final note… favorite song to do at karaoke? I suck at singing but i love 2 do it! Rn Selena Gomez Same Old Love is a new karaoke fav n my all time fav Mariah Carey “Shake It Off”.

Twitter: @femme_as_fuck // Instagram: @femmeasfuck