Dead Empires ‘Designed To Disappear’

Reviewed by Holly Berchielli and Joe Gagliardi III Dead Empires did something very sly. This seriously dynamic instrumental metal band found themselves a singer. The vocals thats now wind through

The Jukebox Romantics ‘Sleepwalk Me Home’

Review by Jared Williams The local legends of downstate New York are back with their first studio album since the band's 2015 release "Transmissions Down". 'Sleepwalk Me Home' is based

Lucky 33 ‘Where’d You Get Your Values’

Review by Jared Williams DIY punk rockers from upstate New York Lucky 33 have released their first LP since June of 2016. They do a great job at delivering the

The Fadeaways

Reviewed by John Moriarty American culture is born from the amalgamation of all other foreign influences. With this in mind, it may provoke a sense of insecurity when we consider

ALBUM REVIEW: Kyle Trocolla – The Stranger

Reviewed by John Moriarty To say Kyle Trocolla’s music is unique understates the value in his craft. His album The Stranger, released on September 4th, 2015, is a patchwork of

Martyr Art “Friday The 13th (Nintendo Theme)” Reviewed by John Moriarty 12/1/2015 Growing up as a child I remember my brief experience playing Friday the 13th on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember how confused and lost

Perfect People ‘Both Demos’

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Review by Holly Berchielli  My pal Chris, over at InEffect Hardcore, sent me this tape. He thought I would like it. He was correct. In a time where a lot

Tiger Piss ‘Alcoholiday’

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Review by Xander Folsom  “One thing I can’t fucking stand is warm beer, makes me fucking puke!” So said Frank Booth and I know Tiger Piss agree. So if they’re