Green Room – Film Overview and Interviews by Michael Marino

Movie: Green Room ,  Director/Writer: Jeremy Saulnier, Distributer by: A24 Starring: Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkay, Mark Webber, Macon Blair Since I first saw the trailer for

The Fadeaways

Reviewed by John Moriarty American culture is born from the amalgamation of all other foreign influences. With this in mind, it may provoke a sense of insecurity when we consider

ALBUM REVIEW: Kyle Trocolla – The Stranger

Reviewed by John Moriarty To say Kyle Trocolla’s music is unique understates the value in his craft. His album The Stranger, released on September 4th, 2015, is a patchwork of

Kenda Legaspi of the Creepshow

interview by Johnny Berchielli Kenda, how did you and The Creepshow find each other when they needed a new singer? Did you know each other before you joined the band?

Sean Yseult (of White Zombie)

Interview by Joe Gagliardi III So bring up to speed on what you are working on. Starr and Dagger, the Book Tours, Rock City Morgue, the White Zombie stuff… what

You don’t have to be queer to dig gay novelty records

by Malcolm Tent When is it OK to describe music as “totally gay”? When you’re describing the wild and weird sub-sub genre of gay novelty records from the 1960’s. I

Shirt of Today

OUTSIDER TALKS to Brian Labuda about his (very punk rock) blog. Interview by Holly Berchielli   Most of us punk rock kids have a ton of old band shirts in


by Holly Berchielli Tell us a little bit about who you guys are, who does what, and how Entropy came about? Patrick: We have two Brians. One of them drums,