Dead Empires ‘Designed To Disappear’

Reviewed by Holly Berchielli and Joe Gagliardi III Dead Empires did something very sly. This seriously dynamic instrumental metal band found themselves a singer. The vocals thats now wind through

The Jukebox Romantics ‘Sleepwalk Me Home’

Review by Jared Williams The local legends of downstate New York are back with their first studio album since the band's 2015 release "Transmissions Down". 'Sleepwalk Me Home' is based

Lucky 33 ‘Where’d You Get Your Values’

Review by Jared Williams DIY punk rockers from upstate New York Lucky 33 have released their first LP since June of 2016. They do a great job at delivering the

Outsider Interview: Dr. Beardface & the Spaceman

Outsider Interview: Dr. Beardface & The Spaceman Interview by Kristina Sarhadi It’s only been a few months since Philly’s Dr. Beardface and the Spaceman released their first full-length Here for

Outsider Interview: The Split Seconds

Outsider Interview: The Split Seconds Interview by Kristina Sarhadi For DC darlings The Split Seconds, it’s been a pretty big year. Since releasing their debut full-length, Center of Attention, in

Green Room – Film Overview and Interviews by Michael Marino

Movie: Green Room ,  Director/Writer: Jeremy Saulnier, Distributer by: A24 Starring: Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkay, Mark Webber, Macon Blair Since I first saw the trailer for

Recap: September 4, 2016 at Shot Tower

This inaugural show was truly something special and The Punk-cast For Pod People and Outsider Magazine were both really happy to be the hosts. Shot Tower is a house in


Interview by Marty Shane Hodulick As a music writer, producer, and compiler of girl group rarities, DJ Sheila B. is a feminine fury and girl-pop pioneer for women in the